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Scholarships enable our students to receive a world-class education and turn their love of Judaism into a career choice.

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Supporting Students at HUC-JIR

HUC-JIR graduates transmit Judaism’s tradition, values, and culture in synagogues, schools, boardrooms, and communities across the globe, but 99% of our students require scholarship assistance to complete their studies.

With the support of our alumni and other generous members of the College-Institute community, HUC-JIR invests over $5 million in student support each year. Scholarships are based on need, supporting an average of 52% of tuition, and based on merit, providing an average of 80% tuition coverage. Select top students are awarded full scholarships, sometimes with an additional stipend — a powerful incentive for recruitment. And as our enrollment continues to increase, so does the need.

Help us attract the best and brightest students to embrace their callings by supporting one of these critical scholarship funds today.

Annual Scholarship Support Fund

Gifts of all sizes contribute to this essential pool of support awarded to students of all programs demonstrating the greatest need each year.

General Scholarship Endowment

One-time and multi-year commitments to the General Scholarship Endowment support students now and for generations to come as they become part of our pooled scholarship endowment, from which annual income is directed to helping meet the needs of students across all areas of study. Endowment gifts can be made in your name or in honor or memory of a loved one, and donors will receive annual reports on the impact of your support.

L’Dor Va’Dor Endowed Alumni Scholarship

Originally created by our rabbinical alumni, their congregations, families, and friends to honor rabbis for their 25 years of dedicated service to the Jewish People, the L’Dor Va’Dor Endowed Alumni Scholarship Fund has grown to celebrate this milestone for alumni* of all our schools, as well as alumni throughout their careers, to honor them in perpetuity. All contributions are pooled together in this extraordinary fund, and each year the yield is awarded to deserving students.

*For alumni in their 25th anniversary year, please contact about celebrating this meaningful milestone for you and your community by securing your name in this fund.

Founder’s Merit Scholarship

This prestigious fund provides full-tuition support and a stipend to a limited number of students who demonstrate an exceptional degree of Jewish commitment and achievement.

President’s Scholarship

Essential to many students’ achievement, this fund provides need-based support up to full-tuition for students who demonstrate an exceptional degree of Jewish commitment and achievement.

Dean’s Scholarship

Limited to a minimum of five-year commitment or an endowed gift, the Dean’s Scholarship provides partial tuition coverage to outstanding students.

You may designate your scholarship as unrestricted, which gives us the greatest flexibility to apply funds as most critically needed, or you may direct it to a particular program, school, or campus. Choose the scholarship fund that’s right for you and consider a multi-year or endowment gift to help provide guaranteed annual support throughout each student’s course of study.

All scholarship donors are recognized and celebrated as valued partners in achieving HUC-JIR’s commitment to leadership development and academic excellence. Named scholarship donors have the opportunity to follow their recipient’s progress and may meet them at campus-based or live-streamed events each year. Scholarships funded at $30,000 and above each year include the honor of being paired with a student who carries the donor’s scholarship name.

For information on supporting scholarships at HUC-JIR, please contact Serena Young, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement, at or 212.824.2260.

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