HUC-JIR Israel
Emergency Fund

To support the extraordinary spiritual, mental, and physical safety needs of the entire HUC-JIR Jerusalem family during this time of darkness.

HUC-JIR Jerusalem Campus

The Jewish community has shown an outpouring of love and support in response to the attack on our people and our land. Wherever you are allocating your resources in solidarity and support, we know that you do so with generous, and yes, broken hearts. Please consider the HUC-JIR Israel Emergency Fund to meet the new and unfunded needs that have arisen at this time of war.

To enable us to focus on our presence in Israel and the importance of educating students, the Israel Emergency Fund will:

  • Help with the costs of travel and temporary relocation for Year-In-Israel students who may need assistance.
  • Enhance and upgrade security for our Jerusalem campus.
  • Fund our ongoing efforts in supporting soldiers, the displaced, alumni, students, and faculty.
  • Support mental, emotional, and spiritual care for our HUC-JIR students, faculty, and staff.
  • Provide special training for students and alumni in crisis management and community leadership in times of war and trauma.

Use the below form for credit card payments, or click here for details on other ways to give:


Thank you for your support of the HUC-JIR Israel Emergency Fund. You can make a gift through a variety of ways:

Credit Card: Use the above form to make a payment by credit card online, or call 212-824-2265

Check: Send a check with “Israel Emergency Fund” on the memo line payable to HUC-JIR to:

HUC-JIR, Development Operations
1 West 4th Street,
NY, NY 10012

Donor Advised Fund: Make a distribution to HUC-JIR through your DAF, including “Israel Emergency Fund” in the memo

ACH or Wire Transfer: contact 212-824-2265 or

Stock: Visit for instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns about your donation, please contact our Donor Services professionals at 212-824-2265 or