Rabbi William Cutter, Ph.D.

Steinberg Emeritus Professor of Human Relations

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academic field: Israel Studies, Jewish Language and Literature
campus: Los Angeles, National

Rabbi William Cutter, Ph.D., faculty member of the College-Institute for over 50 years, served both as a professor of Modern Hebrew Literature, and a professor of pastoral rabbinics (sometimes called “human relations”). He was the first director of the College-Institute’s program at USC in Jewish Studies, and taught in that program for twenty years.

Cutter founded the school’s Rhea Hirsch School of Education, which provides religious educators to institutions throughout the country, and he created the Kalsman Institute of Judaism and Health, which advises institutions throughout the country on the conjunction of spirituality and physical health.

In 1976 he created early programs in museum education with Nancy Berman, which became the early model for what is today the Skirball Center (now independent of the original sponsorship of the HUC-JIR).

Cutter has written over three hundred academic articles on education, literary theory, and health care; and appeared as guest lecturer and teacher at over 400 synagogues, churches and centers throughout the United States.

Jerusalem in Israeli poetry; Jerusalem in Palestinian and Israeli poetry

War and Peace in Israel

The Sacred theme in Israeli secular literature



A.B., Yale University; Institute for Criticism and Theory, Dartmouth College