Rabbi Naamah Kelman, M.A., M.A.H.L.

Dean, The Taube Family Campus, HUC-JIR/Jerusalem

Contact Information

school/program: Jerusalem-Based Programs
department: Dean's Office
academic field: Contemporary Jewish Studies
campus: Jerusalem

Rabbi Naamah Kelman is a descendent of 10 generations of rabbis, becoming the first woman to be ordained by HUC-JIR/Jerusalem in 1992, where she now serves as Dean. Born and raised in New York, she has lived in Israel since 1976, where she has worked in community organizing and Jewish education. Rabbi Kelman has been intensely involved in the emerging education system of the Israeli Movement for Progressive (Reform) Judaism. Among the founders of the first Progressive Day school, she has overseen the development of curricular materials, teacher training programs, and family education. As Director of Educational Initiatives, she is involved in teacher training and enrichment and the professional development of the Israeli Rabbinic students. She served as Director of the Year-In-Israel Program and Educational Initiatives at HUC-JIR. She has played a leading role in the development of Spiritual Care programs, and more recently, interfaith initiatives. In her tenure as Dean, HUC/Jerusalem has greatly expanded its programs for Israelis. 

She is a board member of Rabbis for Human Rights, and the Tali Education Fund. As a founding member of PANIM in 1996, she has remained intensely involved in the evolving Israeli Jewish Renaissance Movement. Naamah Kelman is married to Dr. Elan Ezrachi, and they have three children and five grandsons.

Progressive Judaism in Israel

Jewish Feminism

Jewish Ritual and Prayer

Practical Rabbinics