Mandi Richardson, M.A.J.C.S., M.S.W.

Associate Director, Professional Development & Student Life, Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management

Contact Information

school/program: Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management
department: Student Support
campus: Los Angeles
phone: (213) 765-2141
extension: 4241

Shortly after graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1994, several alumni of the Zelikow School (formerly the School of Jewish Communal Service) encouraged Mandi to pursue a career in Jewish Nonprofit Management and Social Work. She took their advice and enrolled in the dual degree program at HUC and USC in the summer of 1995.

For over 20 years, Mandi has worked in a variety of positions in the Jewish nonprofit field, including community relations and legislative advocacy at the AJC in Los Angeles, grant management at the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, and fundraising at de Toledo High School (formerly New Community Jewish High School).

Mandi circled her way back to HUC in 2012, when she was hired as the Associate Director of the Zelikow School. She was thrilled to get the opportunity to have an impact on future students and give back to the college which had profoundly transformed her life. As the Associate Director, Mandi oversees the internship program, teaches Introduction to Jewish Communal Institutions, fondly known as “Wacky Wednesday,” and field practicum classes, and assists in the general management and development of the Zschool. On any given day, pop your head into Mandi’s office and you will likely find Mandi meeting with students about their internships, their job search, or to pick Mandi’s brain on a variety of other issues related to their personal and professional development.

Mandi considers herself extremely lucky to be surrounded by passionate students who have decided to dedicate their lives to changing the world. Their energy and enthusiasm keep her feeling positive about the future of the Jewish people.

Mandi holds a B.A. in Psychology from CSUN (1994), an M.S.W. from USC (1997) and an M.A.J.C.S. from the Zelikow School (1997). Mandi was raised in a Conservadox household in Cape Town, South Africa where Judaism was always a major part of her life. She and her husband are proud parents of four wonderful children and one beloved dog.