Rabbi Leonard Kravitz, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Midrash & Homiletics

Contact Information

campus: New York

Dr. Kravitz is Professor Emeritus of Midrash & Homiletics at HUC-JIR/New York. He received his undergraduate degree from John Carroll University and was ordained at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati where he received the degrees of Master of Hebrew Letters and Doctor of Philosophy. He teaches Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Midrash and specializes in Maimonidean studies.

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“‘Some Reflections on Jewish Tradition and the End-of-Life Patient” In Hurowitz, Pacard and Steinberg, Jewish Ethics and the Care of End-of-Life Patients, A Collection of Rabbinical, Bioethical, Philosophical, and Juristic Opinions, KTAV Publishing House, 2006

“Hesed vs. Emet – God’s Being Hesed vs. Saadia, Halevi, and RMBM Being Tzodayk” in Hesed and Tzedakah From Bible to Modernity,

(Frank & Timme, 2006)