Rabbi Laura Novak Winer, Ed.D.

Director, Master of Educational Leadership Program

Contact Information

school/program: School of Education
academic field: Jewish Education
campus: Los Angeles

Rabbi Dr. Laura Novak Winer, RJE, is the Director of the Master of Educational Leadership program at the HUC-JIR Rhea Hirsch School of Education in Los Angeles, CA. Laura has worked in and with a variety of afternoon school settings and her current research foci are Israel education and the supplementary school. Laura has been published in a variety of academic and online journals, is a regular contributor to Moment Magazine’s “Ask the Rabbis” column, and was the editor of several curricula, including Sacred Choices: Adolescent Relationships and Sexual Ethics (2005 and 2007). She is a past president of the Association of Reform Jewish Educators. Laura earned her B.A. degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara; a Master of Arts in Jewish Education from the Rhea Hirsch School of Education and rabbinic ordination at HUC-JIR; and a doctorate in Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary Davidson School of Graduate Education. She lives in Fresno, CA with her husband Rabbi Rick Winer.

PDE 604: Introduction to Jewish Education

EDU 571: Creating Cultures of Learning

EDU 580: Entering an Organization

EDU 583: Leading Change in Jewish Education