Joshua Holo, Ph.D.

Vice President of Academic Resources; Associate Professor of Jewish History

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department: Dean's Office
academic field: History
campus: Los Angeles

Prehistory of Zionism

Jews and Pirates on the Medieval Mediterranean

Do Jews Really Question as Much as We Say We Do?

Medieval History


Ph.D. in Jewish History, University of Chicago

Dr. Joshua Holo is the Dean of the HUC-JIR Jack H. Skirball Campus in Los Angeles and Associate Professor of Jewish History. He co-founded HUC-JIR’s digital learning platform called the College Commons, and hosts a regular podcast called the College Commons Podcast. Together with religious leaders in the Los Angeles neighborhood of HUC-JIR, he co-founded the Neighborhood Religious Leadership Coalition. He is the editor for the Brill Series on Jewish Studies; was a regular contributor of Torah commentary to the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles; and penned an article on liberal Zionism titled “Peering into the Nationalist Mirror” in The Fragile Dialogue (CCAR Press, 2017).