Adriane Leveen, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Bible

Contact Information

school/program: Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music, Rabbinical School (US)
academic field: Bible and Cognate Studies
campus: National, New York

Adriane Leveen is Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Bible at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, having previously taught at Stanford University. Her books include Biblical Narratives of Israelites and their Neighbors: Strangers at the Gate (2017) and Memory and Tradition in the Book of Numbers (2008). She has published in a number of scholarly journals including Prooftexts, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, and the Harvard Theological Review. Her passions include teaching Biblical Prophets and the Book of Job. She is co-founder of Jewish Climate Action Network NYC, Bronx Jews for Climate Change, and facilitates JTREE USA. Leveen is married to Dr. Arnold Eisen, Chancellor Emeritus of the Jewish Theological Seminary. 

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Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley