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Campus Placement for New Rabbinical Students

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Having recently been admitted to the rabbinical program for the coming academic year, you now have the opportunity to indicate your preference for the U.S. campus on which you prefer to study following the Year-in-Israel program. On this page, you will find a link to the Campus Placement Form that you must complete and return to the Campus Placement Committee stating your campus preference and any specific reasons for it. 

In placing students, the College-Institute looks to maintain classes of reasonable size on each campus to ensure that all of our students have access to the best possible resources for their education. Typically, this means that the second-year class is divided evenly among Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and New York. 

Every rabbinical student, no matter where he or she is placed, will study in the same core curriculum for the first three years, will be offered similar electives, and will be subject to similar requirements to those of his and her classmates on the other campuses. Each of our campuses offers outstanding training - academically, professionally, and personally. Each of our campuses offers its rabbinical students the opportunity to receive an additional masters degree in education as well. 

Besides the need to maintain a reasonable student-faculty ratio in each location, the only factors that the Committee considers are those you mention on the enclosed form. Please use it to describe any compelling reasons for your choice of campus. These may include personal reasons, considerations related to the professional needs of a spouse or partner, or reasons based on the opportunities of a particular campus or city. HUC-JIR will not consider outside employment opportunities as a compelling reason for a particular campus placement, as the rabbinical program is a full-time program, and the College must approve any student employment.  

The Campus Placement Committee strives to grant every student his or her first choice; however, each year we find that we cannot accommodate some students on the campus they prefer. Hence, in listing your campus preferences, remember that you must indicate a second choice. It is very important to indicate a second choice that you can accept comfortably. While a high percentage of our students receive their first choice, it is inevitable that a small number of students will receive their second choice. Failing to provide a second choice does not increase your chances of receiving your first choice. In fact, if you do not indicate a second choice, and we are unable to assign you your first choice, the Campus Placement Committee will assign you to one of the other two campuses based on available space. Also, please note that while there is an appeals process each January, it is rare that appeals for campus placement changes are granted. 


Campus Placement Request Form - Due May 24, 2019


For Campus Descriptions please contact