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Rikma: M.A. in Education in Israel

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An M.A. for Change

Rikma is a specialized program focusing on educational leadership with an emphasis on pluralism and community. Rikma, which means tapestry, educates leaders to take responsibility for the renaissance of Jewish culture; the anchoring of education in communities; and the strengthening of ties between different sectors of Israeli society and within the Jewish people. At the heart of this program is the building of bridges between education and society, between Israel and the wider Jewish world, between individual Jewish identity and Jewish peoplehood.

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Program Details:

The two-year program, requiring one day of study at the Taube Family Campus in Jerusalem per week, increases students’ capacities in four areas:

  • Teaching and learning aspects of Jewish and Israeli culture in innovative and diverse ways;
  • Enhancing the continuity of formal and informal Jewish education, forging links between educational institutions and the wider community;
  • Discovering the diversity to be found within Israeli society, in Jewish and non-Jewish settings, while enriching education towards tolerance and coexistence; and 
  • Deepening acquaintance with and ties to the Jewish people across its geographical and denomination boundaries, while increasing a sense of identity and belonging.

The current cohort consists of 16 students with a record of achievement and commitment to the field.  The participants occupy key positions in both formal and informal educational settings.  A number of the new cohort have recently returned to Israel after extended periods abroad acting as shelichim, emissaries in a variety of frameworks.  

Rikma is supported by the Department of Jewish and Israeli Culture in the Israel Ministry of Education and Jewish Agency for Israel. Students receive an M.A. in Education from the Hebrew University upon successful completion of the program. 

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