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Students in a hevruta study group in the Teller Lounge at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati
Students in a hevruta study group in the Teller Lounge at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati

Kickstart your future as a Jewish leader today

At Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion you will enjoy unlimited opportunities to develop as a leader of the largest global Jewish Movement and diverse communities throughout North America, Israel, and around the world. 

As you prepare to become a rabbi, cantor, leader in Jewish education, Jewish nonprofit professional, pastoral counselor, or scholar, you will be guided by our world-class faculty

You will join a welcoming student community driven by innovation, social conscience, spiritual search, and intellectual meaning. 

As you study side-by-side with your future partners across diverse fields and faiths, you will have access to the broadest range of professional development experiences leading to career placement.  

Inspire others and make a difference in the world while pursuing a career that will bring you personal and professional fulfillment.

At HUC-JIR, you will benefit from daily guidance and support from some of Judaism’s best minds. Your studies will be mentored by our faculty, who are transforming current understandings of text, pedagogy, and community building.  Leading scholar-practitioners will ensure that your professional development prepares you for the real-life challenges awaiting you.  Spirituality initiatives will enrich your awareness of God’s presence in your everyday life.  From the student-run soup kitchen and social responsibility projects to Shabbaton and kallah retreats, your life as a student here will be full of meaning and growth.  And your career will offer competitive salaries and benefits in addition to personal fulfillment through outstanding leadership positions in the broadest range of settings.

Become a Rabbi

If you have a deep love for the Jewish people and a commitment to the future of Judaism, you can put your mind and heart to work in a way that will enrich your life and transform the lives of others.  As a spiritual leader and communal pacesetter, you’ll put your values into action to effect positive change.  LEARN MORE >

Become a Cantor

If you have the ambition to share music with others as a spiritual leader, you can apply your talents in ways that will lift spirits and forge community while fostering your personal creativity.  You will infuse your life with meaning while you find artistic and spiritual fulfillment as a Jewish leader.   LEARN MORE > 

Become a Leader in Jewish Education

Immerse yourself in our buzzing centers of innovation – alive with the joy of experimentation and love for questions.  With full-time, part-time, and executive programs, you will have a lasting impact by shaping communities, fostering identity, and inspiring the next generations of committed Jews.  LEARN MORE >

Study Jewish Nonprofit Leadership

You will have the power to build, lead, and transform the remarkable network of organizations, institutions, and agencies advancing the Jewish people and the larger world.  As you model compassion, innovation, and achievement, your vision for a better society will serve and inspire others.  LEARN MORE >

Become a Scholar

You can become a link in the long chain of transmitting millennia of Jewish texts and culture by preparing for a life of research, publication, and teaching at colleges and universities worldwide.  Leading scholars will guide your individualized program within a community of students of diverse faiths and international backgrounds. LEARN MORE >

Become a Pastoral Counselor

If you are an ordained member of the clergy aspiring to strengthen your chaplaincy abilities, this program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your capacity to offer compassion and care while bringing hope, health, and healing.  LEARN MORE >