Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is made possible by the Joyce and Irving Goldman Foundation.

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Nurturing Spiritual Life

In Spiritual Direction, an individual meets with a trained spiritual director for the sole purpose of becoming more aware of their inner spiritual life. There is no agenda other than to reflect on and be present in, one’s connection to the Divine. Our students find this hour every month to be a haven of connection and non-judgment amid their busy lives. Many report that it is an essential part of their formation as clergy. A majority of our students, and many faculty, choose to be in direction.

What students are saying about Spiritual Direction

  • “[Spiritual Direction] has provided me with an outlet that class and pulpit work are not able to offer.”
  • I cannot say enough how crucial I think this experience is. I strongly believe that this should be a required ‘course’ for every HUC student for all 5 years of school.”
  • “My experience with Spiritual Direction gave me the much-needed time and space to explore my personal theology. Combined with my studies, this gave me the chance to not only understand how I relate to God, prayer, etc. but to be able to work on communicating what is in my heart to another person. This is core work.”
  • “ [My Director is a] thoughtful, non-judgmental individual, whom I felt I could trust. Toward the end of this year, we started to go into topic areas where I had questions and did not feel comfortable asking elsewhere. It was extremely reassuring.”