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1 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012

On the NY campus of HUC-JIR, we train cantors, rabbis, and interfaith pastoral care providers. Our chapel, classrooms, offices, library, museum, and student-run Soup Kitchen resonate with melody and words of Torah. Our students, faculty, and staff work hard to create a safe and respectful environment of risk-taking and integrated clergy formation, in a dynamic learning environment where all are valued. We are proud to be bound together in our sacred mission.

the dean speaking at an event

Message from Dean: Rabbi David Adelson

I am moved every day by our community. Our brilliant faculty engage our students in the enduring question of how tradition and contemporary life meet to create a better future. Our dedicated staff, of all faiths, know their labor will lead to making a more just and peaceful world. And our students expend their energy creating, learning, challenging, and growing every day. They are diverse in every way and united in their dream of becoming agents of the change we all seek. They fill us with hope.

Programs Offered Here

Campus Projects and Highlights

HUC New York Campus Heller Museum

Dr. Bernard Heller Museum

Showcases the creativity of contemporary artists of all faiths exploring Jewish identity, history, culture, and experience.

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HUC New York Campus Klau Center

Klau Library

Collects and preserves a large selection of resource material supporting the diverse programs and course offerings of the institution.

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HUC NY Campus Be Wise

Be Wise Fellowship

Realize your own vision for responding to the needs of contemporary liberal Judaism.

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HUC New York Campus Minnie Synagogue

Minnie Petrie Synagogue

The spiritual heart of the New York campus, the synagogue is a laboratory for students’ spiritual and professional development.

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HUC New York Campus Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen

Put your values into action by providing food and support to those in need in the campus neighborhood.

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HUC New York Campus Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

A guided opportunity for students to become more aware of their inner spiritual life and connect with the Divine.

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