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3077 University Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Our Skirball Campus boasts five academic schools: Rabbinic, Education, Nonprofit Management, and undergraduate Jewish Studies at the University of Southern California (USC). Each of these schools imbues the others with unique perspectives and expertise. Students routinely pursue joint degrees among the HUC-JIR Schools, take advantage of teaching opportunities at USC, to study in our four Nonprofit Management dual degrees with USC’s schools of Social Work, Public Policy, Business, and Communications.

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Message from the Dean

In LA, HUC-JIR belongs to a vast ecosystem of creativity and activity. With four academic schools and numerous programs crisscrossing each other and the University of Southern California, our educational horizons are limitless. Longtime Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities meet a burgeoning Persian and Israeli scene, with food, synagogues, and cultural centers to match. And the culture only begins there, with theater, cinema, and museums everywhere, plus a climate and scenery to get you out all year.

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Highlights & Projects

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Frances-Henry Library

Houses a carefully selected variety of library materials in support of all the educational, professional, and vocational programs of the school.

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Jewish Language Project

Discover endangered and emerging languages throughout the Jewish world, from Yiddish and Ladino to Judeo-Italian and Judeo-Malayalam.

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Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health

Explore Jewish spirituality and healing, bioethics, illness, and wellness, and the health of the healthcare system.

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Institute for Judaism Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

Acquire the tools to create communities that are inclusive and welcoming of LGBTQ+ Jews in this unique institute of its kind in the Jewish world.

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