Nominations for HUC Presidential Task Force on Safe and Respectful Environments

We are soliciting nominations for the recently announced HUC Presidential Task Force on Safe and Respectful Environments.  Jointly reporting to the Board Chair and President, this Task Force will review, evaluate, and make recommendations concerning of our policies and training in creating clear expectations of our stakeholders, as well as our support for and response to any stakeholder who experiences disrespectful or unsafe behaviors by others.

Our plan is to create two bodies, each representing four key stakeholder groups at HUC: faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The Executive Committee of the Task Force will comprise approximately 15 individuals from these groups. The full Task Force will be a larger committee, including representatives of the four groups as well as Board members and representatives from our partner organizations, will offer guidance and feedback on proposals and initiatives. Members of the full Task Force will have the opportunity to participate on subcommittees tasked with exploring specific areas of concern to the task Force as it carries out its work.

Our intention is to begin the work of the Task Force in January 2020 and to complete our report and recommendations to President Rehfeld and the Board of Governors not later than June 2021. We would expect the members of the Executive Committee to be available to begin meeting by Zoom in January/February 2020 and the members of the larger group to be available to participate in the spring of 2020.

Please send nominations to Marviette Johnson ( by December 1, 2019.

Thank you,

Dr. Richard Feldman, Co-Chair                              Rabbi Dvora Weisberg, Ph.D., Co-Chair