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Your "To-Do" Timeline

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Below is a checklist that outlines all of the major steps that you need to take before (and immediately after) you arrive in Israel.  Each of the items on this checklist is outlined in greater detail on the page to which it is linked and there is a matching timeline checklist specific to the topic of that page. 

There is an additional separate page dedicated to Spouses, Partners, and Children.

Do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.

Timeline (Before Departure) Action Check
 3 - 4 Months Get or renew your passport if necessary
  Begin exploring housing options
  Apply for Financial Aid (Scholarships and Federal Student Loans)  
   Apply for MASA  
   Apply for other financial assistance  
   Have physical, dental, and other checkups
   Decide if you are going to bring your pet  
 2-3 months  Book your flight  
   Apply for your visa  
   Find an apartment  
   Sign your lease  
   Look into keeping your stateside health insurance
1-2 Months  Plan your budget for Israel  
   Decide how you will do your banking abroad  
   Call your bank and card companies  
   Decide if you are going to ship anything to Israel  
 1 Month  Send advance letter  
   Apply for Harel Health Insurance plan  
   Get your keys or arrange to get them in Israel  
   Arrange for temporary accommodation if necessary  
   Choose your cellphone plan  
 1-2 Weeks Pack your clothing, medications, and apartment supplies  
  Pack your electronics and hobbies  
  *Special note on packing for cantorial students  
   Prepare check or cash to pay for Harel Health Insurance plan  
 1 Week  Print out "Arriving in Israel" page  
 Upon arrival at the airport  Passport Control – Keep the entrance cards!  
   Get from the airport to your home  
 Upon arrival in Jerusalem  Register at HUC-JIR  
   Get to know the HUC-JIR Interns  
   Pay for Harel Health Insurance plan  
  Explore options for additional kinds of insurance