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Note that books imported from overseas will include an import tax. On the other hand, Judaica books published by Koren or Mosad HaRav Kook are often much cheaper in Israel. At some point, each campus will provide a list of books that it is recommended you purchase in Israel and ship to the US. Students who have ignored this list in the past have regretted it! Additionally, the library at HUC has many books available for loan, so it is encouraged not to bring too many books with you to Jerusalem.

Sifrei Kodesh


Pomeranz - Rehov Be’eri 5 (off of King George Street and Hillel). He will offer a discount to HUC students!

Koren Publishers - General Pierre Koenig 33, 3rd floor. This is often the cheapest option as you can purchase directly from Koren. Near the Hadar Mall.

Manny’s Bookstore* - Havakuk 2, in Mea Shearim. This is the only bookstore in Mea Shearim that sells both secular books and religious books. They have plenty of options and it is good to support as many residents of Mea Shearim do not like that it sells secular books as well.

Merkaz HaSefer* - Off Rehov Strauss opposite of Angel’s Bakery.

Or HaTzafon* - Rehov Mea Shearim. Has a big selection of books and good prices. Make a right on Mea Shearim from Rehov Strauss and you will see it on the left-hand side of the street.

*Note that in religious neighborhoods, modest dress is advised.


Regular books


Steimatsky - This is the main bookstore of Israel. There is one at Mamila Mall, 39 Yaffo, 7 Ben Yehuda and 9 King George. They offer a wide selection of books in both Hebrew and English.

Akademon - The bookstore at the Hebrew University.

Rehavia Books - Azza 34, has a mix of English and Hebrew titles.

Sefer v’Sefel - 2 Yavetz Street in the City Center. New and used English books.

In every neighborhood, there are little stands that invite people to leave and take books as they wish, in any language. There is one along the Derekh HaRekevet in Baka.