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Health Care and Well Being

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Urgent Care/Emergencies


The best emergency care location is the Terem, located at Sarei Israel Blvd 15. It is open on Shabbat. Bring your health insurance card with you. The phone number is 02-652-1748.

There are other Terem Clinics throughout Jerusalem, though the one on Sarei Israel is the only 24 hour option.




The Wolfson Medical Center is a large facility with many different types of doctors and specialists, most of whom speak English and are used to dealing with American patients. It is located on Rehov Diskin in Rehavia on the 3rd floor of the mall complex. For those of you with the Harel Insurance plan, they have a walk-in clinic from 7:30am - 9:30am, Sunday - Friday.

Call to confirm or make appointments: 02-561-0297.

Students often express surprise after their first doctor’s appointment in Israel. Appointments are generally very short and sometimes even schedule as close together as every five minutes. Come ready with your questions and advocate for yourself. The quality of the doctors are often very good, so do not be discouraged by a quick appointment.




You may find sometime during the year that  you are at a crisis point where you feel that you are not able to cope, or you may find it preferable to have a therapist in place as you navigate this intense time of both moving to Israel and beginning a Rabbinic, Cantorial, or Education program. For referrals to deal with this short-term crisis situation there is an up-to-date list of qualified counselors and therapists with the Head of Student Life.


Eye Doctors


EyeWorld Israel on King George street. Additionally, there are several glasses stores located on Emek Refaim street.


Anonymous HIV Testing


The Jerusalem Open House LGBT Center provides anonymous HIV and syphillis testing at their location downtown. They ask for a 50 NIS donation to cover the costs of the service. More information can be found at their website: Otherwise, testing for STIs is not covered by Harel Insurance.


LGBT Resources


The Jerusalem Open House serves as the LGBT center of Jerusalem. In addition to the services mentioned above, the Jerusalem Open House sponsors various activities for the LGBT community and has counseling services. There are programs in English, Hebrew, and Arabic that take place at the Open House. More information can be found on their website:




Almost every year there are a few students who bring their pets with them. One veterinarian that students used in past years, Dr. Boaz Abram, is located at 34 Ramban, 02-561-0869. He is Israeli, but speaks English and is very gentle and calm. He’s also very reasonably priced and easy to get an appointment with.


General Safety


There are a disproportionately high number of traffic accidents in Israel relating to pedestrian and bicyclist deaths. Be extra careful when you are crossing the street. Drivers will almost always stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, but not always so you must be careful. Note that bus lanes often have special pedestrian lights. Do not jaywalk and do not cross on the red person -- there may be cars making a turn that you cannot see.

If you are interested in hiking, make sure to check the weather reports before you hike during the rainy season. Be especially careful hiking in the Judean desert even if it is not raining -- flash floods can appear out of nowhere due to rain in other areas. Roads and trails can quickly be washed out. The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel has information and security alerts on their website

Dehydration is common for tourists and students in Israel. Make sure to drink enough water everyday and wear a hat and sunscreen during the summer.