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Guidelines for Getting Medical Care

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Health and Insurance Procedures

Harel Insurance
All students are covered by medical insurance through the Yedidim-Harel Insurance Agency. You are covered to see a doctor only if you have symptoms of ill physical health, not for a routine check-up and not for consultation concerning pregnancy, birth-control, STDs, or anything concerning mental health. Any health condition that you had prior to your current policy will not  be covered. You will be covered only by doctors, institutes, hospitals, etc working in agreement with the insurers.  Medical service is given only on presentation of your Harel insurance card.  Keep it with you at all times.  If you do not have permission from Harel for any medical services (specialists, tests, hospitalization, ambulance, house calls etc.) do not assume that you will be reimbursed because you may not be. Rather than making a costly error, if you are in any doubt about procedure, it is preferable to consult Harel Yedidim Insurance Agency by calling their office Sun – Thurs 8am – 4pm at 03 6386216 or, out of hours, 24 hours a day, call Einat at 054 529 7775
Need a doctor?
Refer to this link to the Health Services in Jerusalem pamphlet
Our recommendation - Call Wolfson Family Medical Center:  9 Diskin St, Wolfson Towers. (10 minute walk from the college )Tel: 02- 561 0297
Most doctors are native English speakers and work with the Harel Health Plan. They have a Walk-in Clinic Sun-Fri,  from 7:30-9 AM. Or call to make an appointment, for later in the day. 
OR contact the Health-Hotline Number 1-800-414-422 for a referral.
OR go to one of the emergency full-service walk-in clinics listed below. 
Terem  Main Number 1-599-520-520
The closest one is in Talpiot, tell the taxi driver you want  to go to "the tayellet branch of Terem" at 6 Daniel Yanovsky Street. It is open 7 days a week  8:30 am–11:30 pm.
There is a 24/7 hour branch located in Romema near the entrance to Jerusalem. Make sure your driver is aware of the new address at 15 Sarei Israel, City Court.
Frenkel Emergency Medical Center (Yad Sarah) Telephone *6447 Open Sunday - Thursday 6pm - 11:30pm at 12 Herzl Street.  Family physicians, Pediatrics, Gynecologists (male and female gynecologists), Orthopedics.
If you give your Harel insurance policy number you should not need to pay for these emergency services. If you do get charged, keep the receipts and apply for a refund through the Insurance Agency. Keep all your receipts! It is recommended to carry your insurance card with your policy number and the emergency contact number with you at all times.  Alternativley, write your policy number on your student id card for convenience or save this information in your cell phone.
Outside of Jerusalem:  If you fall ill outside of Jerusalem, contact the Health-Hotline Number 1-800-414-422 or Einat Cohen 054 529 7775. You will be referred to a doctor or clinic in your area.
  • Contact the local Magen David Adom office or the local hospital emergency room.
  • If you go to a local hospital emergency room and the visit is not a justified emergency, you will not be reimbursed.
  •  Keep all your receipts to submit to the Insurance Company.
There is no co-pay for visits to the doctor or for a prescription.
House calls
If you need a doctor to come to you at home, contact the Harel Contact Center at 1-800-414-422
In an Emergency Situation:
If time Allows:
Call the Health-Hotline Number first. 1-800-414-422. Depending on the situation, you will be referred either to the Emergency Room at Hadassah Hospital or to TEREM. Take your Insurance card with you and keep all receipts
If there is no time:
  • If you can, take a cab to Hadassah Hospital at Ein Kerem and go straight to the Emergency Room.   Otherwise, call 101 for a Magen David Adom ambulance -- ask for a voucher for the insurers to pay but, if you have to pay the ambulance yourself, get a receipt.
  • Take your Insurance card with you.
  • Ask someone to go with you. You or that someone should call Nancy Lewitt to let her know that you are on the way to the hospital.
  • You will be reimbursed by the Health Services for most of the expense.  If your emergency is not a justified emergency, you will NOT be reimbursed.
Very Important: If you need a hospital, call Harel first, before you do anything.  Have them call ahead to the hospital to make your ER trip smoother.  Also, have the insurance company ask what tests will be done to make sure you’re covered.
Laboratory, exploratory and diagnostic tests
When a doctor prescribes test(s) you must first get approval from Harel. Call their Contact Center at 1-800-414-422.  Make a note of who you are speaking to and send them doctor's letter by fax or by email to Immediately phone again to confirm receipt of the fax or email.  Ask for a permit to do the test(s) to be sent to you as soon as possible by email or fax to the college 02-6251478 (let the reception desk know that you are waiting for a fax and arrange that they call you or leave it in your mailbox). When you receive the permit, do the test(s)

When a doctor prescribes a drug go, with your Harel insurance card, to one of the pharmacies listed in the Health Services in Jerusalem pamphlet that was emailed to you along with your policy. In special cases, when there is no listed pharmacy nearby, call Amos at 052 325 0975 or Einat at 054 529 7775 to get permission to buy the drug. To be reimbursed you must supply:

  • a doctor's letter with the diagnosis of your condition
  • a copy of the prescription
  • the original receipt
Make a copy of all of these, but send the originals to the Harel Yedidim Insurance Agency, 12 Hahilazon Street, Ramat Gan 52522.  If the expense is justified, you will be reimbursed.
Emergency Dental Treatment
Included in your Harel policy is "Emergency dental treatment: Emergency dental treatment is any dental treatment done during your first visit to a dental clinic."  This covers what is considered “First Aid” -  a temporary filling, draining an abscess, prescribing antibiotics etc.
You have to go to a specific clinic called Hila at 16 Shlomzion HaMalka 02-6256152. Sunday - Tuesday 9am - 6pm Wednesday - Thursday 8am - 1pm No need to pay -- Harel covers up to $200. 
Crisis Counseling
Metiv is a crisis clinic that can assist when it is difficult to function and to solve problems. You must call 02-6449666 and make an appointment, but their response is immediate and most often you can meet with someone from their staff the same day.  They offer short-term and focused help. Sunday - Thursday   8:00 - 16:00,  Fridays and holiday eves: 8:00 - 13:00
They charge between NIS 180-240 for the first meeting, and have a scale for follow-up appointments.  When you call ask to see an English speaking counselor.  It's located on 59 Shmaryahu Levine St. (corner of Meir Avner) in the Kiriat Yovel neighborhood.
Flu Shots
A registered nurse will come to campus sometime in October to administer flu shots to students and their families. Although this is optional, it is highly recommended. Jerusalem winters are cold and hardly anyone is spared from the flu, which seems to get hardier from year to year. The Office of Student Services will let you know when the flu shots will take place and the exact price.  Last year students paid NIS 100 per vaccine.
Free HIV Testing
Sundays 5:00 – 8:30 pm At the open house (see ABC Guide to Jerusalem). English speaking clinicians and counselors available.
Public Services
Bikur Cholim Hospital                                                                           646-4111
Hadassah Hospital- Mount Scopus                                                       581-8111
Hadassah Hospital- Ein Kerem (Emergency)                                         677-6555/677-7111
Shaare Zedek Hospital                                                                          655-5111/ 666-6666