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When should I arrive?
At least a week in advance in order to get organized and acclimatized to Jerusalem 
How do I find roommates?
A Facebook page will be created for your class at the end of February. Use this group to get to know each other, for finding housing, roommates and anything else you want to share.
How do I find an apartment?

You have many options

  • Take a look at our apartment listings* on the website under Housing
  • Contact one of the real estate agents listed
  • Google Facebook groups about housing in Jerusalem

*note that you will receive the password for our apartment listings once you have been accepted to HUC and have enrolled

What neighborhood should I live in?
Some students like to live close to the college so they can roll out of bed and into the classroom, while others prefer some distance from ‘the bubble’ ---- it’s very individual.
Should I get a visa before or wait until I arrive in Israel?
We absolutely recommend getting your visa in your home country. It is possible in Israel but is time-consuming and bureaucratic.
 Who do I ask about medical related questions?
For technical questions about the HUC student health insurance policy contact Helen Linden hlinden@huc.edu
For support-related questions about physical or mental health contact Nancy Lewitt nlewitt@huc.edu
What's the weather like?
Warm summers and cold winters ---- for clothing, layers is the magic word!
What should I bring?
See our website for relevant sections on Packing and Shipping and Books.
Please check back to this page from time to time as your questions will be added.