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Ask A Current YII Student

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The students who are now attending the YII program have recently been in your shoes. They understand how you feel going through this process: leaving family and friends, adjusting to a new environment, and are already experts in the art of living in Jerusalem and traveling around Israel.  The students listed below have volunteered to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and give advice on anything and everything about your year in Israel.  Please, don't all of you contact the students at the top of the list—give the others a chance!


Name Rab/Can/Ed Ask About Email
Lara Tessler Rab Pre ulpan, coming from undergrad, healthcare with a chronic illness
Jamie Field Rab ed Applying to HUC twice, anything else!
Tim Gaylord Rab, Ed Transition with children, spouse, changing careers,, moving to LA, gluten-free, packages or anything else!,
Ezra Leventhal Rab being gender nonconforming in Israel, kombucha, finding mental health services, women of the wall
Max Antman Rab Advocacy opportunities in Israel, T'Ruah, going back to school after some time away
Aria Caligiuri Rab neurodiversity, LGBTQ issues (davka B and T), mental health, going to HUC straight from undergrad, managing the year with limited resources, vegetarian food, going outdoors
Emily Dana Rab Chronic illness, healthcare