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Teaching Jewish Values: Challenges & Recommendations

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Teaching Jewish Values:

Challenges & Recommendations

Notes from Lunch & Learn on February 15, 2005

1) Why teach Jewish values?
To engage Jews of all backgrounds in Jewish text and action.
2) When do we teach Jewish values?
Always! It can be taught as a separate formal topic or as an integrated part of any Jewish or Hebrew subject. We also exhibit values through our behavior such as our language and the "rules" we create.
3) What's the difference between a "Jewish" and a "universal" value? What language should I use when teaching values, English or Hebrew?
Teach Jewish values through Jewish text, in either language, and when appropriate both. Compare "Jewish" values with "universal" values to highlight similarities and differences.
4) How do I avoid isolating values? How do I make values relevant for the learner?
Integrate values into your curriculum and behavior. Be sure to include an application exercise into your lesson or program, so students experience the value. Get parents and the community involved too!