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RHSOE Students Interrogate Hot Topics

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Dr. Tali Zelkowicz, Assistant Professor of Education and Professor Sara S. Lee Chair for an Emerging Scholar in Jewish Education at HUC-JIR's Rhea Hirsch School of Education, taught The Social Context of North American Jewish Education to students in the Executive M.A. Program in Jewish Education (EMA) in June 2015.  She writes:

True agents of change use their passion, but are then able to go beyond. During a one-week Intensive, I invite EMA students to begin their first hour presenting aloud to one another, an honest, unfettered, and even uncensored rant on the most burning feelings and thoughts they have about any one contested arena in Jewish education.

By the end of the course (five days later), students used social scientific tools, including interviewing and research of their field of interest, to produce a first draft of an article that combines their passion, along with fresh, bold alternative visions grounded in scholarship and empirical reality. In other words, they have gone beyond their own experience or “kishkeh data,” without ignoring it.  

In response to multiple sources of feedback, students revised these drafts and have the option of ultimately going public with their work. Here, for the first time, you can find EMA students’ “contributions to the field.” The authors hope their pieces further the discourse in the field, across many kinds of stakeholders, in these areas. Enjoy and feel free to respond; students have provided their email contacts to encourage open dialogue!

Here are links to the three items from our EMA students:

Here are the links to the articles from our fall 2014 class:

Here are six articles from Fall 2013, authored by Ashley Berns, Dusty Klass, Jay LeVine, Daniel Utley, Miriam Farber Wajnberg, and Zachary Zysman. Please feel free to share your reactions with the authors, who have shared their email addresses. Enjoy!

Click on the titles of the articles below to read them (PDF)

Write On!
Tali Zelkowicz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Jewish Education, Rhea Hirsch School of Education, Los Angeles

You can find the 2010 CTFs below. Shortened versions of the students' articles were also published in the Spring 2010 issue of the URJ's publication, "Torah at the Center." Allowing for discourse and dialogue between students and professionals in the field, URJ editor Wendy Grinberg has invited one education practitioner or academic to respond to each of the student's pieces in that same issue, creating an organic series of conversations about some of the field's most difficult, but also most inspiring, dilemmas.

The students would be happy to engage in dialogue with you, too, if you have any questions or reactions. If you would like to offer your own responses, please feel free to send them to Tali at tzelkowicz@huc.edu.

Click on the titles of the articles below to read them (PDF)


Hot Topics in Jewish Education: Students Weigh In
At the end of the fall 2007 semester, Tali Zelkowicz of the Rhea Hirsch School of Education at HUC-LA and Lisa Grant of the School of Education at HUC-NY gave the same final assignment to their students in Social Foundations (LA), and History of Jewish Education in America (NY.) 

Education students were asked to write a 4-6 page article (double spaced) grounded in the scholarship of the field that is suitable for a publication to which reflective practitioners of Jewish education are invited to contribute. For example: Agenda: Jewish Education (JESNA), Jewish Education News (CAJE), Jewish Educational Leadership (Lookstein Center, Bar Ilan University). Click here for the complete description of the assignment. 

Click on the titles of the articles below to read them (PDF)