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Student-Produced Curricular Materials & Projects

Curriculum Guides (green binders)
Curriculum guides are designed to serve as guides for teaching either a full-year class (approximately 30 sessions) or a complete camp season. Instead of providing already written lesson plans, the curriculum guide allows for teacher creativity in fashioning appropriate learning experiences for his/her particular context. Each unit in the curriculum guide provides goals, objectives, suggested activities, resources, and evaluation. The curriculum guides began in 1994 and continue today. 

Curricula (red binders)
Curricula contain a ten week unit with fully detailed lesson plans (i.e. including set induction and specific discussion questions). They were written on a variety of topics from 1982 to 1994. 

Master's Thesis (black binders)
The Master's Thesis was the original student project collected by the Tartak Learning Center from the early 1970's-1980. Students were required to complete two theses, which were research projects on issues related to Jewish education. They often included the production of something related to the research, such as a slide show. 

Master's Projects (blue binders)
Master's Projects, also known as Deweyan Deliberations, were papers analyzing a particular organizational problem in a Jewish educational setting. The deliberation process involved identifying a problem, researching various possible solutions, and then selecting the most appropriate solution for the specific institution in question. The Tartak Center collected these projects from 1988 until 1999.