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December 2016: "12 Nazi Concentration Camps: Photographs by James Friedman" on AEQAI. Read more >

December 2016: Panel Discussion on Holocaust, Popular Culture Coming to HUC-JIR. Read more >

December 2016: The Holocaust and Popular Culture. Read more >

December 2016: Skirball Museum Announces Current and Upcoming Exhibitions and Public Programs. Read more >

November 2016: Local 12 Cincinnati Newsmakers. Watch the video >

November 2016: Skirball Exhibit of Concentration Camp Photos Taken 40 Years After Offer Unique View of Holocaust. Read more >

October 2016: Skirball Museum Honors Judy Lucas. Read more >

October 2016: "Concentration Camp Photos At Cincinnati Skirball Museum, Part of FotoFocus" on WVXU. Listen >

October 2016: "12 Nazi Concentration Camps: Photographs by James Friedman Fotofocus 2016" on WMKV Cares. Watch the video >

October 2016: Color Photos of Holocaust a Bold Reminder. Read more >

September 2016: James Friedman, 12 Nazi Concentration Camps. Read more >

September 2016: One Photographer's Journey to 12 Concentration Camps. Read more >

September 2016: James Friedman: 12 Nazi Concentration Camps. Read more >

September 2016: A Jewish Photographer Challenges His Black-and-White Vision of the Holocaust. Read more >

May 2016: Reimagining Cincinnati's Skirball Museum. Read more >

May 2016: Ten Treasures of the B’nai B’rith Klutznick Collection. Read more >

April 2016: Skirball Museum Open House with Jewish Treasures on View. Read more >

February 2016: Showcase with Barbara Keller: Skirball Musuem of Art. Read more >

January 2016: Abby Schwartz, Director of Cincinnati Skirball Museum, talks about Helen Suzman Exhibit. Read more >

December 2015: See ‘Ten Treasures’ From a New Museum in Town. Read more >

December 2015: Skirball Museum Tells Story of Jewish History, Especially in America. Read More >

November 2015: HUC-JIR's Skirball Museum Unveils the First Items in its Huge New Collection. Read more >

November 2015: Behind The Scenes Look At Cincinnati Jewish Art Collection. Read more >

November 2015: Skirball Museum Begins to Open "Ten Treasures" Collection to the Public. Read more >

September 2015: Council of American Jewish Museums Spotlights the Skirball. Read more >

August 26, 2015: Unpacking of B’nai B’rith Klutznick Collection at HUC-JIR’S Skirball Reveals Treasures and Renews Relationships and Research. Read more >

May 5, 2015: B’nai B’rith International and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion Skirball Museum Partner to Establish New Home for Distinctive Art Collection. Read more >

April 2, 2015: The Skirball Museum received a 2014 Visual Communications Award from the Ohio Museums Association at the organization’s annual conference in Cleveland in late March. Read more >