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Alexi Natchev: Hand-Colored Block Prints from The Elijah Door

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Alexi Natchev: Hand-Colored Block Prints from The Elijah Door

On View: February 3 – March 31, 2013

An Exhibit of wood block prints and exploratory drawings by Alexi Natchev, as published in The Elijah Door, a children’s book by Linda Leopold Strauss.

Whether immediate and visceral, or detailed and sophisticated, every picture book illustration starts with thumbnail sketches, diagrams, and rough ideas. Even the simplest published page is the culmination of a vast amount of trial and error. This exhibit peels away the page to take a look at the inspirational material, failed ideas, and sparks that are eventually harnessed to produce the successful children’s illustrations for the book The Elijah Door. View over 30 original hand-colored prints, hand carved wood blocks and preparatory drawings for an original Passover folk tale.