Current Exhibitions

The Book of Job in Our Time

Exhibition continues through May 31, 2015

The Book of Job has inspired and challenged philosophers, theologians, playwrights, artists, and writers for generations. Whether the story is true or a parable, it raises one of life’s biggest existential questions—“why do the righteous suffer?”
Boils! Satan! Destruction! Fantastic descriptions of the universe! As an impressionable teen, award-winning printmaker Linda Nesvisky walked into this subject and never turned away. The forty prints on view in this exhibition reflect the artist’s fascination with this timeless theme in a combination of imagery and the written word.

An Eternal People: The Jewish Experience

An Eternal People educates and enlightens, tugs at the heart and awakens conscience as it explores the cultural heritage of the Jewish People. The core exhibit presents over 300 fascinating artifacts - artwork, textiles, decorative arts, jewelry, memorabilia and Near Eastern Antiquities - beautifully reliving and reflecting significant periods of the Jewish experience. The museum's permanent exhibit comprises seven thematic galleries that portray the cultural, historical and religious heritage of the Jewish people.