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These extraordinary Sabbath candlesticks and decorative pomegranates are hand blown by Benny Kedem, noted Israeli glass artist. The pomegranate is a symbol often spoken of in Jewish texts, and some scholars believe the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge may have been a pomegranate.

  • Candlesticks: 9” tall, $400, plus shipping and handling
  • Pomegranates: 4-5” tall, $80 each, plus shipping and handling

This exceptional Sabbath candle holder is hand blown by Benny Kedem, noted Israeli glass artist. The motif of pomegranate is mentioned in the Bible as one of the seven species emblematic of Israel’s agricultural fertility. 10” tall x 7”.

  • $400, plus shipping and handling

Barbara Krohn, internationally renowned ceramicist, has created unique trompe l’oeil matzah plates for the celebration of Passover. They are hand-washable and come in round and square.

  • $180, plus shipping and handling

Internationally renowned glass artist Steve Resnick, incorporating designs by his late wife, Valerie, has carved, in cased glass, a Passover Salt Water Bowl and a Passover Elijah Cup depicting the skyline of Jerusalem.

  • $350 each, plus shipping and handling.

This unique hand-blown blue menorah was crafted by Benny Kedem, owner of Kedem Glassblowing Studio in Ryshon Lezion, Israel, an experienced glassblower who has taught in the Glass Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem.

Designed and hand crafted by renowned glass artist Steve Resnick, these beautiful wedding glasses display the etching Ani L'dodi Vidodi Li (I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine).

Alicia and Beatriz Kelemen of K4 GLASSART develop their work through the use of varying designs, techniques, and materials that showcase the desired optic effects, forms, and textures in a wide array of sculptures and colors. Each menorah is created of dichroic fused glass; gold leaf layer; and cobalt (left), sunset honey and pink (center), and clear and gold (right). Each menorah measures 2" x 8" x 1".

  • $160 each, plus shipping and handling

From the studio of prominent Judaic textile artist Reeva Shaffer comes an elegant collection of hand-crocheted kippot for women. Kippot are beautifully adorned with feminine touches including beaded flowers, sequins, and lace.

  • $60, plus shipping and handling

Create your own Yad with the elements included in this uniquely conceived packed kit. Designed by Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan, each set includes a silver pointer, a central supportive rod, diverse beads of glass, and a gold plated brass and/or silver closing cap for the top. The finished length of this easily assembled Yad measures 8" and includes an optional chain. Colors include blue, multi, amber, red.

  • $45, plus shipping and handling

Jim Cohen, an outstanding silversmith from New Mexico, has turned to natural forms for inspiration in his newest works. This handmade Kiddush cup in sterling silver is inspired by native Calla lilies. 3.5 x 2 x 2 in.

  • $900, plus shipping and handling

Renowned Judaica artist Steve Resnick’s Miriam Cup is made of etched clear glass cased with rose and includes symbols of water, used to depict Miriam and presence of women at the seder. The Miriam Cup measures 7 1/4" high.

  • $350, plus shipping and handling

Missouri-based artist Genevieve Flynn works in precious metals to design elegant hollowware and jewelry. The Jacob's Ladder sterling-silver candlesticks are hand forged to recreate the ladder in Jacob's dream. The bases are hand raised and highly polished. The candle sleeves hold a taper or standard pillar candle.

  • $1450, plus shipping and handling