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Digitization projects all over the world are making historical and some current newspaper available in searchable digital formats.


Recommended websites


Compact memory - Internetarchiv Juedische Periodika

Includes over 100 German Jewish journals from between 1806 and 1938

Early Hebrew Newspapers Project

Part of the the Jewish National and University Library, David and Fela Shapell Family Digitization Project, this site includes many newspapers including: Halevanon, Hamagid, Havazelet, Havazefira, Hameliz, Hazevi/Haor/Hashkafah

Exilpresse Digital

This German site has 30 Jewish German newspapers published between 1933-1945. Includes Aufbau and Die Zeitung 

Historical Jewish Press

"This site contains a collection of Jewish newspapers published in various countries, languages, and time periods. We display digital versions of each paper, making it possible to view the papers in their original layout. Full-text search is also available for all content published over the course of each newspaper’s publication." It includes the Forward, The Chicago Sentinal, The Occident, and the B'nai B'rith Messenger along with many others.

Jewish Community Chronicle (Long Beach & Orange Co., Calif.)

February 1, 1947 through December 20, 2000

Jewish Herald (Houston, Texas)

Founded in 1908 by Edgar Goldberg, The Jewish Herald was “a weekly publication, devoted to matters of interest to the Hebrew citizens of Houston.” 

Pittsburg Jewish Newspaper Project

The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project is composed of the Jewish Criterion (1895-1962), the American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962), the Jewish Chronicle (1962-present), and the Y-JCC series (1926-1975). 

Proquest Historical Newspapers

Full text searchable versions of: The American Israelite (1854-2000), The American Hebrew & Jewish Messenger (1857-1922), and The Jewish Exponent (1887-1990) are available from the HUC campus only.

Southern Israelite

Established in 1925 in Augusta Georgia, the Southern Israelite changed owners and formats over the years. In 1987, the paper changed its name to the Atlanta Jewish Times. 

Union List of Digitized Jewish Historic Newspapers, Periodicals and e-Journals

This is a list of Jewish newspapers and journals and the sites at which they can be accessed. Some of the sites require subscriptions, but many are open access.

Zeitschrift fur hebraische Bibliographie

This site covers the year 1896-1921