Finding Commentaries in the Catalog

You can find books about the Bible by doing a subject search on the uniform title (such as Bible ; Bible. O.T. ; Bible. O.T. Isaiah). You will often see subject terms with subdivisions tacked onto the end. Some common subdivisions are:

  • Commentaries.
  • Criticism, interpretation, etc.
  • Feminist criticism.

There is sometimes confusion about the first 2 this list. A work with "Commentaries" will usually cover a whole portion of the Bible. It will look at the text verse by verse or at least chapter by chapter. A work with "Criticism, interpretation, etc." will generally take a theme and discuss how it appears in throughout the Bible (or some part). Subdivisions can appear on any of the uniform titles discussed above. You may also find subjects of the form:

'in the Bible.'  For example: Animals in the Bible.

To find older works, you can do a keyword subject search for: Bible--commentaries early works. This will call up works that were written before 1800.

For more information about Biblical resources, see the Bible page.

Finding a specific commentary.

If you know the exact title and spelling, you can search by that (ex. title phrase = Etz Hayim). You can also do a combination search with the author's last name with the smallest part of the Bible that you think is reasonable. (ex. author keyword = Rashi ; subject keyword = pentateuch). You can use the expert search screen to limit the results by language.


Finding Commentaries online 

Bar Ilan Responsa Project
Includes the Hebrew texts of the Tanakh, Talmuds, early commentaries, and many responsa
More options are available to HUC students and faculty by accessing the Responsa Project through the Jewish Studies Portal

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