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Chanukah? Hanuka? Feast of the Maccabees? Channukkah? Hannukka? Chanuqa? Xanuka? Feast of Lights? Channukah? ... Hanukkah!

So, how do you spell this winter holiday? According to the Library of Congress (LC), it's ... Hanukkah! If you do a subject search (where we have assigned a subject heading TO the materials) it will be under that spelling. However, since we have not convinced all authors and publishers to follow LC’s example, you will find many different spellings in the titles and contents notes in our catalog.


Books IconBooks 

Most Hanukkah books are in the BM 695 H3 section.
Prayers for Hanukkah are located in the BM 675 H3.3 section.
Book of Maccabees start at BS 1821.

Search under: HANNUKAH

For the Book of Maccabees, do a title or subject search (under browse search) for:  Bible. Apocrypha. Maccabees


Music IconMusic

Search the catalog under: HANNUKAH MUSIC


Recipes IconRecipes

Explore our collection of Jewish Cookbooks that include both traditional and modern holiday recipes.


Study materials iconStudy and teaching materials

Search the catalog under HANNUKAH--STUDY AND TEACHING or check with the Tartak Learning Center for more educational materials (Tartak@huc.edu)



Recommended websites


Explore Chanukah at Reform Judaism

Includes an overview of the holiday with articles and program ideas for congregations, school groups, and families.

Hanukkah at MyJewishLearning.com

Includes a guided learning section with several lessons, as well as a "how-to" section and bibliography.

Hanukkah music from the collections of the National Sound Archives

Online music you can access by 'streaming' or downloading MP3 files.

How We Celebrate Hanukkah (Big Tent Judaism)

Includes an overview with explanations of the traditions, song lyrics, and recipes

Virtual Chanukah (Chabad)

In-depth explanations of the history and meaning of Hanukkah as well as recipes, activities, and greeting cards.