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Art books are arranged according to the Library of Congress (LC) rules. LC divides the books by medium. Within each medium, the books are typically shelved in this order: general, history (includes works on individual artists), study and teaching, and then special topics. While most books are in the N section, many are in the T (technology) section.

statue of Moses by American Pascal, 1976

Moses  American Pascal, 1976.

  • N - Visual Arts
    • N 72 - Art in relation to other subjects, A-Z
      • N 72 H6.3 - Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)
    • N 5300-7418 - Art History 
      by time period, then by country/region, and my special movements
      • N 7277-7279 - Art of Israel (secular)
      • N 7414-7418 - Jewish art (but individual Jewish artists are listed by their medium and nationality)
  • NA - Architecture
    • NA 4690 - Synagogues
    • NA 5201-6114 - Synagogues by country/region
  • NB - Sculpture
    • NB 199 - Jewish sculpture
    • NB 237-1113 - Individual sculptors, by country
    • NB 1800-1880 - Sepulchral monuments, gravestones
  • NC - Drawing, Design, Illustration
  • ND - Painting
    • ND 199 - Jewish painting (but individual Jewish artists are listed by their nationality)
    • ND 201-1114 Painters by country
  • ND 2889-3416 - Illuminating of manuscripts and books

[caption align=left]
Moon and star illustration
Image from Birkat ha-hammah HUC-JIR mss. 795 Leghorn, Italy, 1806


  • NE - Print Media
    • NE 1000-1027 - Woodcuts, block printing
    • NE 1400-1879 - Metal engraving
    • NE 1940-2230 - Etching and aquatint
    • NE 2236-2890 - Other printmaking techniques
  • NK - Decorative arts
    • NK 1672 - Jewish decorative arts for home and synagogue
    • NK 3700-4695 - Ceramics
    • NK 5100-5440 - Glass
    • NK 6400-8459 - Metalwork
    • NK 8800-9505 - Textiles
    • NK 9600-9955 - Woodwork
  • NX - Arts in General
  • TR - Photography

paper cut royselekh

Royselekh for Shavuot Sheryl Stahl, 1999

  • TT - Arts and Crafts
    • TT 113 I 7.5 - Crafts of Israel
    • TT 160 - Crafts for children
    • TT 500-695 - Clothing and fashion
    • TT 740-829 - Needlework
    • TT 835 - Quilting
    • TT 870 - Paper work, including papercutting



dancing lessons by Soyer

Dancinc Lesson Raphael Soyer, 1926.

 Note that this arrangement means that if an artist works in several media, his/her works will be shelved in several sections. For example, works on Marc Chagall are shelved in ...

    • N 6999 C4.6 - Artists of the Russia/Soviet Union
    • ND 699 C5 - Russian/Soviet painters
    • ND 1978 C5 - Russain/Soviet watercolor painters
    • NC 269 C5 - Russian/Soviet illustrators/graphic artists
    • NE 2049.5 C5 - French artists in print media
    • NK 3056 C5 - Russian/Soviet tapestry artists
    • NK 5398 C5 - Stained-glass artists

Recommended websites


American Guild of Judaic Art

"Its membership includes Jewish artists, galleries, museum curators, collectors, retailers of Judaica, writers, educators in the field of Jewish studies and art history, and others professionally involved in the field. The Guild can suggest educational workshops, lectures, seminars and outreach programs both for artists and for the general public."

Global Directory of Jewish Museums

This directory of Jewish Museums is sortable by country, city, or museum name and includes the link to the museum.

Jewish Museum

"The Museum maintains a unique collection of nearly 30,000 works of fine art, Judaica, antiquities, folk art, ceremonial objects, and broadcast media which reflect the global Jewish experience over more than 4,000 years." 

Pomegranate Guild

"The mission of the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework is to pass needlework traditions to other generations of women and men through the sharing of knowledge and techniques needed to create handcrafted items intended for both Jewish ritual and cultural use."

Skirball Cultural Center

"Its mission is to explore the connections between 4,000 years of Jewish heritage and the vitality of American democratic ideals. It seeks to welcome and inspire people of every ethnic and cultural identity in American life."

Visual Midrash

"Visual Midrash is an online bilingual (Hebrew and English) collection of Bible art and commentary, sponsored by the TALI Education Fund in Israel."