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Tu bi-Shevat

The minor holiday of Tu bi-Shevat falls out around the time of the first almond trees blossoming in Israel. In other countries while winter lags on, we have the opportunity to celebrate this "birthday of the trees" and be reminded of the importance of the trees to our ecosystem, and their role in beautifying our surroundings. To get started leading your own Tu bi-Shevat Seder this year, explore the Library's offerings below.


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Search under TU BI-SHEVAT
Most books will be in the BM 695 T9 section

Most books will be in the BM 675 T8.2 section



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Recordings and musical scores can be found under TU BI-SHEVAT--MUSIC.


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Traditional foods for your Tu bi-Shevat sedar can be found in our our holiday cookbook collection.


Study materials iconStudy and teaching materials

Search the catalog under TU BI-SHEVAT--STUDY AND TEACHINGS or check with the Tartak Learning center (or email Tartak @huc.edu) for classroom materials


Recommended websites

Tu bi-Shevat

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Includes a short overview of the holiday with links home celebration pages as well as congregation and community programs.

Tu Bishvat at My Jewish Learning

This site includes articles on the basics of the holiday as well as on food, traditions, the environment, and the seder.