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Digital Bodleian

Digital images of primary sources from four online collections of text documents, works of art, manuscripts, and music are available here.

Keywords: Primary sources, Art, Manuscripts, Photographs, History

Cambridge Digital Library

Collections of particular interest interest in this comprehensive digital library include Hebrew Manuscripts, Cairo Genizah, and Medieval and Early Modern Greek Manuscripts. 

Keywords: Manuscripts, Genizah, History, Primary sources, Rabbinic Literature, Bible


David and Fela Shapell Family Digitization Project Ketubbot Collection

This is a collection of digital images of ketubbot dating as early as 17th century.

Keywords: Ketubbot, Manuscripts, Primary sources, Photographs


Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

This site offers descriptions of the Dead Sea Scrolls with images.

Keywords: Manuscripts, Primary sources, Genizah, Photographs


Friedberg Genizah Project

This resource provides digitized Genizah manuscripts, early printed books, and other Judaica alongside transcriptions of the texts. 

Keywords: Manuscripts, Bible, Rabbinic Literature, Talmud, Liturgy



Full text of Hebrew older monographs are available here, including many works used in HUC-JIR classes. 

Keywords: Bible, History, Primary sources, Holidays, Talmud, Rabbinic Literature, Midrash



A collection of manuscripts from the collections at HUC and JTS, this site has downloadable PDFs of many important documents of historical significance.

Keywords: Letters, Bible, Talmud, Poetry, Rabbinic Literature


Jiddische Drucke

This database provided by the University of Frankfurt, contains nearly 800 very valuable Yiddish books printed in Hebrew letters in West, Central and East Europe. 

Keywords: Yiddish, Reference



Ktiv is a digitized collection of Hebrew manuscripts on many subjects provided by the National Library of Israel, with the manuscripts coming from  all places/time periods of Jewish history. 

Keywords: Reference, Primary sources, Photographs


Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

The Dead Sea Scrolls Project provides free access to a searchable database of very high quality images of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Keywords: Reference, Primary sources, Photographs, Manuscripts


National Library of Israel

This website provides access to the homepage and catalog of the National Library of Israel.

Keywords: Primary sources, Reference


Piyut Archive

The Piyut Database  provides information about the history, manuscripts, transmission, and liturgical usages of various Piyutim through Jewish history. 

Keywords: Liturgy, Primary sources, Rabbinic Literature


Primary Textual Witnesses to Tannaitic Literature 

“A project of Bar-Ilan University; includes Mekhilta, Tosefta, and Sifra” database of primary Tannaitic sources.

Keywords: Reference, Primary sources, Rabbinic Literature



Sefaria is a repository of Liturgical, Talmudic, Biblical texts in English, Hebrew and sometimes Aramaic, also includes Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Edot Ha-Mizrah siddurim, Chabad, etc. The creation of source sheets and discussion sheets is also especially helpful. 

Keywords: Reference, Primary sources, Talmud, Bible


University of Haifa Library DMC

This website provids access to the digital collections of the University Haifa, including rare manuscripts, Genizah fragments, videos, Israeli geography, history, Kabbalah, and other subjects. 

Keywords: Reference, Manuscripts, Photographs, Genizah, Israel, Rabbinic Literature


University of Pennsylvania's Judaic Special Collections 

This is a database of Judaic/Hebrew manuscripts and other rare material from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Keywords: Reference, Primary sources, Manuscripts


Yiddish Book Center

The Yiddish Book Center provides access to the full text of digital versions of 11,000 Yiddish books, oral histories, audio files, and other Yiddish cultural information. 

Keywords: Yiddish, Reference, Audio recordings


YIVO Vilna collection

The YIVO Vilna Collections project is run by YIVO and others, to reconnect the YIVO libraries in New York City and Vilna, and to reconstruct the collection of the august private Strashun Library of Vilna, which was one of the largest Jewish libraries of prewar Europe. 

Keywords: Yiddish, Reference, Photographs, History


Zohar Pritzker edition

This website contains the Aramaic text of the first five volumes of this edition of the Zohar. The  Versions include regular text, underlined text showing emendations, and “user-friendly,” which includes page numbers that correspond to this printed edition, Italics for the Biblical verses, and citations for the verses with verse and chapter number.

Keywords: Reference, Primary sources, Rabbinic Literature