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Illuminated Haggadah Exhibit ~ Page 4

Sufferings in Egypt:Hard Labor and Drowning of Sons

Ms. 450


Ms. 445


The Egyptians embittered their lives with hard labor.

Ms. 445


Ms. 445

Every son that is born shall be thrown into the Nile.


Salvation from Egypt:

Ms. 445
God took us out from Egypt...

"With a strong hand...with signs and wonders"


Ms. 445
With signs...

Ms. 445
And with wonders...


The Ten Plagues and Rabbi Judah's Acronym

Ms. 444.1
The Ten Plagues

Ms. 444.1

Ms. 444

Ms. 444

Cattle Plague
Slaying of the firstborn



Ms. 445

Rabbi Judah created an acronym to remember the Plagues.



Ms. 444

How many gifts God has bestowed upon us.

Ms. 444.1

Ms. 445

"If God had led us through [the sea] on dry land
And not sunk our enemies within it...Dayenu!"


Miriam Led the Women in Rejoicing

Illuminated Pentateuch, 11th century.

And Miriam the prophet, sister of Aaron, took a drum in hand; she led all the woman in music and in dancing. Miriam responded with the refrain:

Sing to the Lord

Horse and rider

For He is mighty

He cast into the sea.

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