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Illuminated Haggadah Exhibit ~ Contents

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Page #1

  • Preparing for Passover
  • Searching for hametz
  • The family gathers to celebrate
  • Order of the seder

Page #2

  • Kiddush
  • YaKNHa"Z
  • "This is the bread of affliction"
  • The Four Questions

Page #3

    • "We were slaves to Pharaoh"
    • Our Rabbis' sedarim
The Four Children:
Who knows not to ask
  • "At first, we were idolaters...from across the river"
  • "My ancestor was a fugitive Aramean"

Page #4

  • Sufferings in Egypt: Hard labor and drowning of sons
  • Salvation from Egypt:
    • "With a strong hand...with signs and wonders"
    • The Ten Plagues and Rabbi Judah's acronym
    • Dayenu!
  • Miriam led the women in rejoicing

Page #5

  • Rabbi Gamliel's dictum: Pesah, Matzah, Maror
  • Le-fikhakh
  • Hallel

Page #6

    • Grace After Meals
    • Hallel
    • "Next year in Jerusalem!"
"Who knows one?"
Had gadya
Encore Had gadya

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