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Selected Internet Sites on the Golem

Kay E. Vandergrift's ..Websites on the Golem and related issues

When the Going Gets Weird? : The Golem and Rabbinics Education by by Rabbi Joshua Gutoff Article which looks at relevance of the Talmud to contemporary students and discusses whether or not a Golem may be counted in a minyan. (from Google's cache)

Case file and results from a formal request to remove The Golem: A Jewish Legend, by Beverly Brodsky McDermott, from Newburgh city school libraries.

One description of how to make a Golem from JewishPrague

Retelling of the Golem story from the Folklore of the Jews

Several versions of the Golem story including I.L. Peretz and Louis Ginzberg.

Article by Eliezer Segal which discusses the Golem and contemporary efforts at cloning

Article which compares the Golem to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein by Jeremy Greenwald, Melissa Inman, Mandy Stevenson

Lesson plan titled "Tolerance & transformation" by the Museum of Nebraska Art using David Wisnieniski's Golem as a base.

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