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The major form of traditional Jewish musical expression has been vocal music: the cantillation (trope) used for reading the Pentateuch and the Prophets in the synagogue and the rich and varied cantorial chanting of the liturgy. Over the last two centuries, Western instrumental and vocal music has been greatly enriched by the works of Jewish composers and the performances of Jewish musicians.

Rossi, Salomone.
Hashirim Asher Lishlomoh.
First edition.
Venice: Pietro & Lorenzo Bragadini, 1623.

This book of music by the leading Jewish composer of the late Italian Renaissance includes a preface by Leone Modena, Italian rabbi and scholar, and decisions of the Venetian rabbinate on the question of the use of music in the synagogue. This book represents the first introduction of artistic music into the synagogue.


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Hashirim Asher Lishlomoh title page Hashirim Asher Lishlomoh
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