Where are the books?

What's on the 1st floor?

  • Circulation Desk
  • Public Services, including Reference and Reserves
  • Library Administrative offices
  • Technical Services Department
  • Old reading room - Freehof & Museum collections (materials must be requested at the Circ. Desk)

What's on the 2nd floor?

  • BM - BR
  • *H (Theses, Dissertations, Prize Essays)
  • *O (post-1900)
  • Folio (f = oversized)  BM - BR
  • Great (g) A - Z
  • Carrels
  • Cuneiform Studies Room
  • Group study rooms
  • Reading & work areas
  • Access to mezzanine conference room

What's on the 3rd floor?

  • BS - G
    (there are no folio volumes on the third floor)
  • Carrels
  • Reading & work areas
  • Reception desk for National Administration Offices in Pavilion

What's on the 4th floor?

  • H - Z
  • Folio (f = oversized) BS - Z
  • Carrels
  • Reading & work areas
  • IT Department

What's on the lower level?

  • David Ellenson Rare Book Room
  • Closed stack areas (materials must be requested at the Circulation Desk)
    • Freidus collection
    • Rare Book collection
    • Microfilm
    • Shortlisting
    • Special Collections
  • Compact shelving for future growth
  • A - BL
  • Folio (f) A - BL
  • *HA

List by Classification

A – BL Lower level
f A – BL (folio): Lower level
g A – Z (great): 2nd floor
BM – BR: 2nd floor
f BM – BR (folio): 2nd floor
BS – G: 3rd floor
f BS – Z (folio): 4th floor
H – Z: 4th floor
Cuneiform Studies 2nd floor
Dissertations 2nd floor
*Freehof Old Reading Room
*Freidus Rare Book Room
*HA Lower level
*Microfilm Rm 16 (lower level)
*Museum Old Reading Room
*Music Rare Book Room
Prize Essays 2nd floor
*Rare Books (RBR) Lower level
*SC Boxes Rm 16 (lower level)
*Shortlisting Rm 16 (lower level)
Theses 2nd floor

* = must be requested at Circulation Desk