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Gifts, Gifts, and more Gifts ?!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Yes, we’re approaching that most “consumerish” time of the year.  With my kids getting older and my house filled with “stuff” I’m wondering again at how to get through 8 nights of gift-giving.   A Different Light : the Hanukkah book of celebration by Noam Sachs Zions and Barbara Spectre has 8 great suggestions.

  1. Everyone gives/receives from everyone.  Assign each family member a night and have them give a gift to everyone at the table on their night.
  2. Homemade gifts. Arts, crafts, jewelry, personalized objects …
  3. “Secret Admirer” gifts.  Have everyone draw a name out of a hat to give a gift annonymously
  4. Gelt giving and Tzedakah.  Give each family member a gift of cash and invite them to donate a portion to tzedakah which you will match (or double or …)
  5. Grab bag. Have everyone bring a wrapped gift and then take turns drawing them out of a bag.
  6. Quality time gifts. Give certificates for spending time together doing a favorite activity.
  7. Edible food gifts. Bring homebaked (or not) goodies to a Hanukkah party, but also bring canned good to be donated to the homeless.
  8. Give of yourself.  Give certificates for services that you can do for family and friends (cleaning, shopping, cooking, etc.)

I’m sure that some of these ideas will help out at my house.  Wishing you all a wonderful Hanukkah filled with light!