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What’s New and What’s News @ The Frances-Henry Library

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

“Intensives” = our existential state @ HUC-LA this week: four days of intense study in preparation for the new school year. This term also describes our own preparations aimed at making your presence and use of the Library pleasant and easy.

To this end, I would like to (re)introduce you to the few ways in which you find out what’s new on the shelves:

You can look at the dust-jackets (“book covers”) on the bulletin board @ the library’s entrance. We try to present visual samples of the hardback books that come in and do so in no particular order. These books are mostly ready to be checked out by the time their jackets are posted.

We also have an alphabetical list of recent acquisitions on the Library web page – New Books – that you can link to, or

You can walk to the back of the Library and there, at the “entrance” to our new lounge (a.k.a. The Bookwormhole” until a better name comes up – or until somebody endow it  – you will find the turning book stand where new books are placed almost daily once they are fully processed.

And this IS what’s new @ the Frances-Henry Library. Come in & check out the comfort level. Tell us how we can improve it. This lounge is a work in progress, and good suggestions are welcome.

Finally, I will resort to my old ways and pick a few newly arrived books and offer short reviews/descriptions to help you decide which are the “must reads” that you can hoard by the side of your bed and struggle to find time to read them…(8 such gems are precariously piled on the headboard of my bed 

Here are some pictures of The Bookwormhole (and thank you Josh Garroway for asking)