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Cantors have the same rights and responsibilities when it comes to keruv as Rabbis do.    When trying to build compelling, welcoming communities Cantors have unique opportunities to bring Jews under the wings of the Shechinah. Below we have a few exemplars who are working in keruv today.

Cantor Yvon F. Shore, Director of Liturgical Arts and Music, HUC-JIR, Cincinnati Campus

Cantor Shore is involved in Gerut, and also teaches the Rabbinical students in Cincinnati about conversion.   Each student creates a project which includes the following: a two page personal philosophy on their role as a reform rabbi towards the process of geirut, one geirut ceremony that can be used as part of a Shabbat service, and a full course of study for geirut. That course of study lists all resources, categories, time frame, and strategies for mentoring a student into Judaism.

Cantor Sharon Steinberg, Beth El Hebrew Congregation, Alexandria, VA,

In working with conversion students, Cantor Steinberg requires students to take the "Intro to Judaism" course taught in our area, and concurrently she meets with them either once or twice a month to discuss their personal journey and to engage in dialogue.

Cantor David Mannes, Beth Shalom Congregation, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cantor Mannes has been involved in teaching Conversion classes and Bet Din's for almost 30 years of his cantorial career.  He has taught conversion classes solo as well as co-taught them with Rabbis.  Currently he co-teach the conversion classes at Beth Shalom

Cantor Susan R.A. Bortnick, Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington, DC

Cantor Bortnick works in many ways with conversion students.  She is often on a beit din and mikvah, and has also taken students through the entire process from start to finish, working with them and teaching them on a monthly basis and concluding with the beit din and mikvah. She has also made a cd of basic service repertoire for her students.