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Blaustein Center for Pastoral Counseling in New York

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Since 2000, the Blaustein Center for Pastoral Counseling in New York has been on the cutting edge of Jewish seminary-based pastoral education.  We have pioneered a curriculum that integrates classwork, fieldwork, supervision and mentoring programs, Jewish text study, and community programming on pastoral and professional development.
Today, the Blaustein Center has collaborative relationships with diverse institutions and organizations in the US and abroad. We are dedicated to training each new generation of Reform rabbis and cantors, along with many of our alumni, to have the knowledge, experience, and reflective skills to meet new challenges.  Our activities are varied and ever-expanding, poised in the vanguard of Jewish pastoral care and counseling and Jewish seminary education. 
As we become stronger so do our future clergy and all those we serve! We are very proud of the fact that since its inception, the Blaustein Center has provided stipends for more than 200 HUC-JIR, NY students as they received formal supervised pastoral training.