Sugyot Chaim -- Life Texts for Pastoral Care, a Talmudic Bibliotherapy Program, Graduates Twelve Students at HUC-JIR/Jerusalem - Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
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Sugyot Chaim -- Life Texts for Pastoral Care, a Talmudic Bibliotherapy Program, Graduates Twelve Students at HUC-JIR/Jerusalem

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sugyot Chaim – Life Texts for Pastoral Care – is a Talmudic Bibliotherapy Program sponsored by the Blaustein Center for Pastoral Care and Counseling at HUC-JIR/Jerusalem.  The 2012 certificate recipients:  

Ronit Erez is a member of Kibbutz HaSolelim in the Jezreel Valley. She is a former teacher and school principal and now is the training coordinator and pedagogic facilitator at the Tali Foundation, and also a member of the Tali Foundation organizational staff. Ronit has a BA in education and an MA in Israeli culture. She sees community as a value and is active in various committees on her kibbutz.

Liora Hacohen is a graduate of the Kerem Institute, has a Bachelors degree in statistics, international relations, Bible, Jewish art, and social work and a Masters degree in Bible. Liora has taught Bible and Jewish studies to varied groups: middle schools, ulpanot (middle and high school for national religious girls), and varied adult groups. She has had training in bibliotherapy and in conflict resolution. As a social worker she has worked with youth in therapeutic settings and with Holocaust survivors. Today, she mostly works helping women who have been victims of violence.

Ruth Yaglom was born in the former Soviet Union in 1987 and now lives in Jerusalem. She is a graduate of the Secular Yeshiva Bina and is a kindergarten teacher, and a student of history and Jewish thought. Ruth also is a facilitator for a group that deals with Jewish identity and Israel society at Bina. She took part in establishing the Yom Bahir boarding school for children-at-risk in Kiryat Chayim.

Sara Lvovich Mehaudy is an educator who, over the years, has worked mostly in Jewish-Zionist education in the Diaspora, and has been living in Israel since 2002. She teaches history and Talmud in high school, teaches new immigrant students, is a facilitator in Batei Midrash and advises school principals and teaching and administrative staff in the area of Jewish-Zionist education.

Bilha Merom has a BA in feminist studies and an MA in a combined program of holistic health and the arts. She is one of the founders of a women's political party. Bilha lives in Zichron Ya'akov, where she leads rosh chodesh meetings for women in a Conservative congregation. She gives parshat hashavua lessons at Beit Daniel and reads from the Torah in the Bavli Sepharadi chant in those congregations. Bilha is from a large family of Bukharian-Indian descent.

Laiki Saban is a graduate of the University of Haifa in Bible and Israel studies, has a Masters degree in communications, and is a trained group facilitator, organizational learning process counselor and a mediator. Laiki is among the founders of the community village of Gillon and participated in establishing the regional educational system. She has been active in a variety of positions in the education system and is active in Midreshet Oranim. She is the director of the Center for Mediation and Dialogue of the community in Acco.

Yael Omer has a Bachelors degree in special education and a Masters degree in Jewish history. She is a teacher and 'homeroom' teacher at Beit Chinuch Carmel Zevulun. She teaches literature, Bible and Israeli culture in middle school and Talmud for matriculation. She is among the organizers of the kabbalot Shabbat and holiday ceremonies at the village of Shimshit in Emek Yizrael (Jezreel Valley).

Carmit Pizem has a Bachelors degree in education and a Masters degree in Talmud and is a graduate of the High Talmudic Institute of Matan. She teaches Bible and Israeli culture at the middle and high school of the Interdisciplinary School of Emek Harod (Harod Valley). She also teaches at the girls' midrasha of the religious kibbutz, Ein HaNatziv, where she lives, and is responsible for the girls from abroad who study there.

Fern Kadoshy has been an educator for the past thirty years. She is a pedagogic facilitator and coordinates the early childhood department of Keren Tali (fund supporting enhanced Jewish studies programs). Fern is a member of Kibbutz Metsuba.

Hodaya Kantarowitz Wachtel studied at the Nachshon pre-army mechina for social leadership and has a Bachelors degree in political science and Jewish history. She is an educator in the field of Jewish identity and culture at the Secular Yeshiva Bina and with various groups of youth and soldiers. She also coordinates the area of 'community' in the alumni team at Midreshet Ein Prat.

Tlalit Shavit has a Masters degree in Jewish philosophy, is a lecturer on Judaic studies and is a group facilitator. She teaches at batei midrash (Talmudic study centers) and study groups, leads prayers, kabbalot Shabbat and holiday and life cycle ceremonies. Tlalit completed the HUC-JIR Israel Rabbinical Program and teaches at HUC's Sugiyot Chayim Talmudic Bibliotherapy program.

Yali Shner grew up on Kibbutz Lohamei HaGetaot and has a Bachelors degree in Hebrew literature and Jewish philosophy. She writes poetry, teaches creative writing workshops and bibliotherapy and coordinates the alumni program of the Secular Yeshiva Bina. She also is a group facilitator and coordinates 'Jewish Renewal' at the community council of Ginot Ha'ir in Jerusalem.

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