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HUC-JIR Faculty at the AJS Conference

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Friday, December 14, 2012

HUC-JIR faculty members are presenting at the 44th Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies on December 16-18, 2012, in Chicago, IL.

Rabbi Yehoyada Amir, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Jewish Thought, is presenting "Krochmal as a Neo-Maimonidean" during the session "The Multiple Contexts of R. Nahman Krochmal's Moreh Nevukhei Ha-Zeman.

Dr. Sarah Benor, Associate Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies, organized the session "Cultural Change among American Jews" and she is one of the discussants, presenting about Jewish language.  She is serving as respondent during the panel "Borderland Jews of New York: Different Displays of Diversity."

Dr. Michael Chernick, Deutsch Professor of Jewish Jurisprudence and Social Justice, is delivering the paper, "Ambiguous Talmudic Sugyot as Sources for the Debates of the Medieval Commentators."

Dr. Steven M. Cohen, Research Professor of Jewish Social Policy, will present "The Striking Diversity of New York Jewry during the session "Borderland Jews of New York: Different Displays of Diversity." 

Rabbi Reuven Firestone, Ph.D., Professor of Medieval Judaism and Islam, is serving as the AJS Vice President for Program and is co-chairing the session "Re-imagining the AJS Conference."

Dr. Jason Kalman, Associate Professor of Classical Hebrew Literature and Interpretation, is participating in the roundtable discussion, "Is higher criticism of the Bible or NT a resident alien, a dangerous enemy, or a neighbor in Jewish Studies programs?"

Dr. Lynn Kaye, Assistant Professor of Rabbinics, is presenting "The Rabbinic Temporal Quality of 'Fixedness'" as part of the panel “Rethinking Time and Temporality in Rabbinic Sources."
Dr. Mark Kligman, Professor of Jewish Musicology, is a respondent during the session "Cultural Change Among American Jews: Means and Modes."
Dr. Jonathan Krasner, Associate Professor of the American Jewish Experience, is presenting "Day School Affordability and Church-State Separation: Weighing Principle and Pragmatism. 
Dr. Michael A. Meyer, Adolph S. Ochs Professor of Jewish History, is chairing and commenting on the session "Taking Religion Seriously: New Perspectives on Postwar European Jewry."
Rabbi Aaron Panken, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Rabbinic and Second Temple Literature, is serving as Co-Divison Coordinator of Rabbinic Literature and Culture.
Dr. Bruce A. Phillips, Professor of Jewish Communal Service, is presenting "Using Multiraciality to Understand Jews of Mixed Parentage" during the session "Jews Outside the Conventional Narrative."
Dr. Wendy Zierler, Associate Professor of Modern Jewish Literature and Feminist Studies, is serving on the 2012 Program Committee.

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