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Student Services, Sermons, Practica, Recitals, Thesis Presentations, and more!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cincinnati - at 10:50 am unless otherwise noted:
Mar. 6 at 10:30: Leading Services: Laila Haas
Mar. 8: Leading Services: Nicole Roberts and Michal Loving
Mar. 9: Leading Services: Matt Cohen
Mar. 10: Leading Services: Jen Lader
Mar. 11: Leading Services: David Gerber and Stephanie Clark

Los Angeles - at 10 am:
Mar. 8: Schaliach Tzibbur: Jaclyn Fromer; Reading Torah: Ilana Mills; D'var Torah: Adam Wright; Gabbai: Heath Watenmaker
Mar. 11: Schaliach Tzibbur: Jaclyn Fromer and Cantor Kent; Reading Torah: Daniel Brook; Sermon: Ethan Bair; Gabbai: Rachel Ackerman
New York - at 10 am unless otherwise noted:
Mar. 8: Rabbi: Rachel Van Thyn; Cantor: Lesile Niren; Reading Torah: Sydney Henning; Gabbai: Scott Fox; Dvar Torah: Jay Rapoport
Mar. 9 at 10:45am:  School of Education Practica: Tifani Coyot presents "A Multi-Sensory Curriculum for Adults on Developing a Meaningful Prayer Experience."  David Vaisberg presents "Keep it Together, Keep it Real: Holistic Healthy Living For Teenage Jews."  The goal of David's curriculum is to empower adolescents through Jewish wisdom to make healthy balanced lifestyle decisions in the midst of their teenage experimentation and development.
Mar. 10 at 10:45 am: School of Sacred Music Senior Cantorial Recital: Raina Siroty presents "The Life and Legacy of Hazzan Gershon Sirota," about the life of her Great-great uncle and of one of Poland’s greatest Hazzanim, Gershon Sirota. As an artist, ba’al t’fillah,and upstanding member of Warsaw’s Jewish community, Gershon Sirota put an indelible mark on the art of hazzanut today.Through the research of his life, and explaining the role that chazzanut had to the Jews at that time, she incorporates the legacy of Sirota into the larger picture of chazzanut in the early 20th century and shows how important Sirota was in bringing chazzanut to the immigrants of America, and countries abroad.
Mar. 11: Reading Torah: Aviva Kolet; Gabbai: Elana Rosen Brown; Sermon: Cassi Kail

Mar. 6 at 9:30am: Leading Services: Marc Kasten; Dvar Torah: Jonah Zinn
Mar. 8 at 9am: Drasha: Esteban Gottfried; Shaliah Zibur: Tlalit Shavit
Mar. 11 at 8:30am: Leading Services: Bess Wohlner; Dvar Torah: Eric Mollo

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