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News from the School of Graduate Studies at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati:

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Monday, November 22, 2010

The HUC-JIR/Cincinnati School of Graduate Studies is proud of ten recent Ph.D. students and one ABD student who presented scholarly papers at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in Atlanta on November 20-23, 2010.

  • Dr. Jeffrey L. Cooley (Boston College): “Gilgamesh, the Book of Giants and Antediluvian Knowledge”
  • Dr. Kristine Henriksen Garroway (HUC-JIR/Los Angeles): “Buried Dead or Alive: Were Children in Ancient Israel Considered People?”
  • Dr. Andrew J. Riley (Xavier University): “More on Covenant Vocabulary in Akkadian”
  • Dr. Kyle R. Greenwood (Colorado Christian University): “Proverbs of Ashes, Defenses of Clay: Isolating the Proverbs in Job”
  • Dr. David Everson (Xavier University): “Pseudo-Jonathan’s Nun Problem”
  • Dr. Adam McCollum (Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, St. John’s University): “Jesus the Humble Victor: Jacob of Sarug on Jesus’ Combat with Satan”
  • Dr. Jennifer Quast Noonan (Ashland Theological Seminary; Liberty University ): “Using Processing Instruction to Teach Biblical Hebrew Grammar: An Empirical Study”
  • Dr. Michael Graves (Wheaton College): “’Apocryphal’ Elements in the Qur’an and the New Testament as Portrayed in Muslim and Christian Scholarship”
  • Dr. M. Jason Reddoch (University of Cincinnati): “Philo of Alexandria and the Peripatetic Good in DeSomniis II”
  • Dr. Edmond Gallagher (Heritage Christian University): “The Apocrypha in Jerome’s Canonical Theory”; “The Jews and the Old Testament according to Julius Africanus  and Origen”
  • Mr. Andrew Pfeiffer (HUC-JIR/Cincinnati): “Puns Intended: Aspects of Humor in Enuma Elish Tablet One”

The Society of Biblical Literature is the oldest and largest international scholarly membership organization in the field of biblical studies. Founded in 1880, the Society has grown to over 8,500 international members including teachers, students, religious leaders and individuals from all walks of life who share a mutual interest in the critical investigation of the Bible.  The Society’s mission to foster biblical scholarship is a simple, comprehensive statement that encompasses the Society’s aspirations. Their vision is to offer members opportunities for mutual support, intellectual growth, and professional development.  Click here for further information about the Society of Biblical Literature.

The School of Graduate Studies is a center for study, training, research, and publication in Judaic and Cognate Studies.  The School excels in resources, staff, library holdings, and research facilities.  The School awards M.A., M.Phil., D.H.L., and Ph.D. degrees to men and women, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who are preparing for careers in teaching and scholarship.  Major areas of study include: Bible, History of Biblical Interpretation, Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, Ancient History, Jewish and Christian Civilizations in the Greco-Roman Period, Rabbinical Literature from the Hellenistic to the Modern Periods, Jewish Religious Thought and Philosophy, Jewish Law and Ethics, and Modern European and American Jewish History.  Click here for further information about the School of Graduate Studies at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati.

Founded in 1875, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion is North America's leading institution of higher Jewish education and the academic, spiritual, and professional leadership development center of Reform Judaism. HUC-JIR educates leaders to serve North American and world Jewry as rabbis, cantors, educators, and nonprofit management professionals, and offers graduate programs to scholars and clergy of all faiths. With centers of learning in Cincinnati, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, and New York, HUC-JIR's scholarly resources comprise the renowned Klau Library, The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives, museums, research institutes and centers, and academic publications. In partnership with the Union for Reform Judaism and the Central Conference of American Rabbis, HUC-JIR sustains the Reform Movement's congregations and professional and lay leaders. HUC-JIR's campuses invite the community to cultural and educational programs illuminating Jewish heritage and fostering interfaith and multiethnic understanding.