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Shabbat Prayer for Jerusalem and Nablus

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Meir Bargeron, Year-In-Israel rabbinical student, shares a Shabbat prayer for Jerusalem and Nablus:


God our Creator, it feels so difficult at this moment to enter the Cathedral of Time You have fashioned for us.
We are each made in Your image: whole, beautiful, holy.
But Your creation has been ripped open again and again
by the knives of intolerance and the fires of hatred;
on battlefields and busses,
in houses of study and prayer,
in the homes of innocent parents and children in troubled lands,
and in the streets as people march for justice.
A baby is dead. People are wounded.
The Shabbat Bride’s dress is bloodstained.

God our Healer, help us.
May You swiftly heal the bodies and the spirits of the wounded,
whether by knives or trauma.
We beseech You to heal those whose hearts are hardened and who distort your Holy Name with violence;
those who sow the seeds of hatred, and tend the gardens of intolerance.
Restore your City of Gold to its pure, shining brilliance,
and your Land to peace.
Our Shabbat table is broken.

God our Comforter, hold us
in our anguish and our mourning.
Help us turn from sorrow and despair.
Aid us in transforming our anger into righteousness.
Nurture our compassion so that we may cry for everyone’s pain.
Let our Shabbat tears wash the earth.

God our Banner, lead us.
Galvanize us into action.
May we reach across the divide that separates those
who faithfully follow You,
so that we may be known to one another.
Help us to bear witness to injustice
among and between Your peoples.
May You inspire us to find new paths to justice.
And may we open our Shabbat tent to all
who humbly serve You in compassion and love.

God our Source of Shalom, be with us
today and always.
Give us the strength and courage
to speak out when we are frightened,
to act when justice demands,
to love when it is difficult.
Let us return again to Shabbat
So that we may dwell in Your presence,
and see Your reflection in the eyes of
all who inhabit Your world.
And let us say: Amen.

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