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2018-2019 Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music Practicum and Recital Schedule

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All programs take place at 10:50 am unless otherwise noted.

  • OCTOBER 10: TOBIAS GLASER S’lichot Service (Birnbaum)
  • OCTOBER 17: BENJAMIN HARRIS Erev Rosh Hashanah, Including the Full Amidah, Avinu Malkeinu and Kiddush (Mishkan HaNefesh) 
  • OCTOBER 24: JENNIFER BENREY Musaf l’Rosh Hashanah: Hin’ni through the End of K’dushat HaShem (Birnbaum)
  • OCTOBER 31: No DFSSM Program; guest T’fillah leaders at 10:10 followed by luncheon/conversation
    • ILANA GOLDMAN Dedication of a New Sefer Torah (Including the Torah service from Mishkan Tefillah)
    • OLIVIA BRODSKY Interfaith Thanksgiving Service
  • NOVEMBER 14: ALEXANDRA KURLAND Musaf l’Rosh Hashana—K’dushat Hayom: Atah V’chartanu through Areshet S’fateinu, including Malchuyot (Birnbaum)
  • NOVEMBER 21: Program TBD
  • NOVEMBER 28: ROBERT WITTNER Rosh Hashanah Morning: Torah Service Through the End of the Service, including Torah and Haftarah Readings, Zichronot and Shofarot (Mishkan HaNefesh)
  • JANUARY 16: SHANI COHEN and DAVID FAIR Works of Simon Sargon, Celebrating 80 Years
  • JANUARY 23: MEARA LEBOVITZ Kol Nidrei Service through the End of the Amidah (Mishkan HaNefesh)
  • JANUARY 30: EMILY SIMKIN Yom Kippur Evening: S’lichot and Viddui, Ya’aleh through Avinu Malkeinu (Birnbaum)
    • SAM ROSEN Kabbalat Shabbat, from Psalm 95 through Psalm 93 (Birnbaum)
    • SARA ANDERSON Ma’ariv l’Shabbat, Ending with Kiddush (Birnbaum) 
  • FEBRUARY 13:
    • STEFANIE GREENE Shabbat Morning I: Birchot HaShachar through Tsur Yisra’eil (Birnbaum)
    • MIKE JARVIS Shabbat Morning II: Amidah through the Torah Service (Birnbaum)   
  • FEBRUARY 20: 
    • ZE’EVA BERMAN Kabbalat Shabbat (Mishkan Tefillah)
    • SUZANNE HAMSTRA Ma’ariv l’Shabbat (Mishkan Tefillah) 
  • FEBRUARY 27:
    • JENNA McMILLAN Shabbat Morning I: Birchot HaShachar through Tsur Yisra’eil (Mishkan Tefillah)
    • JENNA MARK Shabbat Morning II: Amidah through the Torah Service (Mishkan Tefillah)
  • MARCH 6: LEAH SHAFRITZ Senior Recital
  • MARCH 20: LIANNA MENDELSON and STEFANO IACONO Israel: A Tapestry of Cultures and Traditions in Celebration of 70 Years
  • MARCH 27: DANIELLE RODNIZKI N’ilah Service, including Atah Notein Yad and Atah Hivdalta (Mishkan HaNefesh)
  • MARCH 28: Frederic S. Lane Composers’ Showcase (Evening)
  • APRIL 10: MARIEL GUARRERA Senior Recital
  • APRIL 17: AMELIA LAVRANCHUK Musaf l’Rosh Hashanah: Zichronot and Shofarot (Birnbaum)